Four young American students from Midwestern College in Kansas City, Missouri went to Chad to teach English and engage with the culture and the
A little disabled girl was considered worthless—until she was noticed by someone outside her family. Imanya was only 6 months old when her mother
Against all odds a pair of conjoined twins in the Congo were born naturally. Then they survived an epic 1,400 kms round trip to be separated! Anick
Pilot Danny Gill recounts an eventful day of flight training with Christiaan Haak in Kenya. I've been training for 6 months in Kenya, going through
MAF is proud to support local schools in Madagascar! Yesterday, pilot Patrick Keller delivered 1,023 kgs of building materials for a school
In May, MAF flew a charter flight from Mt Hagen to Mougulu to transport a sawmill to the community there. Although the sawmill barely left enough